Day Hikes in Jasper National Park- The Best Jasper Trails for Day Hiking

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Jasper National Park is a fantastic region for all sorts of outdoor adventures, but the picturesque and varied trails in Jasper make it a great destination for hikers of all levels. 

Summit views on Sulphur Skyline Trail, one of the best day hikes in Jasper National Park.

When hiking in Jasper National Park, you don’t have to venture out on a multi-day trek into the backcountry to experience the park’s incredible natural beauty. Some of the most scenic hikes in Jasper National Park are also conveniently the best Jasper day hikes.

The Athabasca River and mountains as seen from Big Bend, a great destination for day hiking in Jasper.

Day Hikes in Jasper National Park- The Best Jasper Trails for a Day Hike

There are many great choices for day hikes in Jasper National Park from short strolls along lakes and canyons to half-day journeys up to summits and alpine meadows.

Angel Glacier with Cavell Meadows Trail, a must-do day hike in Jasper.

The following list of day hikes in Jasper includes some standout trails, but is not inclusive of all the possible day hiking options. Since we only include trails we have hiked ourselves, this Jasper day hiking guide will grow over time so check back each year.

Valley of the Five Lakes trail beside an emerald green lake.

Here are descriptions of some of the best Jasper trails for day hiking plus a map of the trailheads.

Map of the Jasper day hikes trailheads.
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Sulphur Skyline

Hike Length: 8.1 km 

Difficulty: Moderate to strenuous

Distance From the Townsite: 60 km

Trail Guide: Sulphur Skyline Hike

The Sulphur Skyline is one of the most gratifying Jasper hikes, especially when it comes to half-day trips. 

On the journey from Miette Hot Springs to the top of Sulphur Ridge, the trail ascends through the forest occasionally revealing views of a mountain ridge. Higher up, after some switchbacks, there are marvellous views of a forested valley framed by rocky peaks. Later on, there’s a scenic meadow where you can rest before embarking on the final climb to the summit.  

Forested mountain valley.

The last segment of this hike is visually stunning but can be physically challenging because it’s the steepest part of the trail. You’ll be rewarded for your effort to reach the summit with a panoramic view of peaks and valleys including Ashlar Ridge, Utopia Mountain, and Fiddle River.

Peaks and valleys viewed from the summit of Sulphur Skyline Trail.

Wilcox Viewpoint

Hike Length: 9.5 km

Difficulty: Moderate

Distance From the Townsite: 107 km

Trail Guide: Wilcox Viewpoint Hike via Wilcox Pass Trail

One of the most beautiful day hikes in Jasper National Park is to the Wilcox Viewpoint via Wilcox Pass Trail. 

While the final destination is the highlight of this hike, the route to get there is just as wonderful. On the way, the trail traverses alpine meadows that offer plenty of great vantage points to admire the Columbia Icefield glaciers. Other scenic landmarks you can see from the trail include a deep gully, a creek, Nigel Peak, and Wilcox Ridge.

Meadow, a gully, and glacier views seen from Wilcox Pass Trail.

Once you arrive at the lookout point there will be a wide view of the mountains and glaciers of the Columbia Icefield including Athabasca Glacier, Mount Andromeda, and Dome Glacier among others.

Glaciers of the Columbia Icefield as seen from Wilcox Viewpoint, another great destination for a day hike in Jasper.

Cavell Meadows 

Hike Length: 6-7 km

Difficulty: Moderate

Distance From the Townsite: 28 km

Trail Guide: Mt. Edith Cavell Hikes

Another gorgeous day hike in Jasper that offers wonderful glacier and alpine meadow views is the trip to Cavell Meadows.

This hike begins on the Path of the Glacier Trail then branches off to ascend on Cavell Meadows Trail where you can enjoy views of Angel Glacier. Beside the path, there are piles of rocks where you might see some marmots hanging out. If you want, you can carefully climb up the rocks to get a great view of Cavell Pond below Angel Glacier.

Angel Glacier and the green water of Cavell Pond.

After passing the area of boulders, the trail zigzags through the forest to reach a meadow above the treeline. While hiking the loop around the meadow you can enjoy plenty of views of Angel Glacier on the side of Mt. Edith Cavell.

Cavell Meadows Trail with Angel Glacier in the background.

Old Fort Point

Hike Length: 4.2 km

Difficulty: Easy to moderate

Distance From the Townsite: 2.2 km

Trail Guide: Old Fort Point Hike

One of the shorter Jasper day hikes that still gets you to a summit, albeit a low one, is Old Fort Point Trail.

This loop has a little bit of everything from wildflowers and trees to mountains and meadows. There are two different lookout points along the route- one with a pair of red Adirondack chairs for admiring Signal Mountain and Mount Tekarra, and another with views of the Athabasca River, Whistlers Mountain, Pyramid Mountain, Lac Beauvert, and the townsite.

Red chairs on the Old Fort Point Trail.

The trail’s close proximity to town and shorter length that doesn’t compromise on views makes Old Fort Point one of the best day hikes in Jasper for beginners.

View from Old Fort Point of the Athabasca River, Pyramid Mountain, and Lac Beauvert.

Valley of the Five Lakes

Hike Length: 4.9 km (short loop)

Difficulty: Easy to moderate

Distance From the Townsite: 11 km

The Valley of the Five Lakes is another one of the top day hikes in Jasper and for good reason.

The trail passes by five vibrant lakes each with a distinct shade of blue-green water. In addition to the beautiful colour of the lakes, you’ll also get to enjoy some reflections of the trees and mountains. 

Lake with emerald green water surrounded by trees.

Since this is one of the most beautiful hiking trails in Jasper, and fairly easy, you can expect plenty of company on the trail during the weekends and in the summer.

Green lake, forests, and mountains as seen from the Valley of the Five Lakes trail, a popular Jasper day hike.

Big Bend

Hike Length: 12.7 km

Difficulty: Moderate

Distance From the Townsite: 56 km

Trail Guide: Big Bend Hike

If you’re looking for Jasper hikes that are primarily in the forest, then check out the trail to Big Bend.

This route follows a wide trail downhill through the forest before eventually arriving at a backcountry campsite beside the Athabasca River. 

Trail in the forest.

Arriving at the Big Bend campground is the highlight of this hike because there are wonderful views of the river and surrounding mountains. There are also picnic tables and benches so it’s a great destination for a peaceful picnic.

The Athabasca River flowing toward distant mountains.

Sunwapta Falls

Hike Length: 3 km

Difficulty: Easy

Distance From the Townsite: 56 km

Trail Guide: Sunwapta Falls Hike

The hike to Lower Sunwapta Falls is short, easy and a great choice if you need to stretch your legs while on the Icefields Parkway drive.

The trail starts at Upper Sunwapta Falls, one of the prettiest waterfalls in Jasper. From there the path proceeds along the top of a canyon and into the forest as it gently descends towards the lower falls.

Sunwapta Falls framed by trees.

At the end of the hike, the trail gets closer to the river where there are some fenced viewpoints for admiring the tiers of Lower Sunwapta Falls as it flows into a narrow gorge.

Lower Sunwapta Falls in a rocky canyon.

Beauty Creek

Hike Length: 3.2 km

Difficulty: Easy

Distance From the Townsite: 88 km

Trail Guide: Beauty Creek Hike to Stanley Falls

One of the lesser-known hikes on the Icefields Parkway is the short but sweet journey along Beauty Creek to Stanley Falls.

On this hike, you’ll get to walk beside a creek then into the forest and along the top of a scenic canyon. On route, there are several spots where you can view a series of cataracts on Beauty Creek, but be careful not to get close to the edge.

Beauty Creek in a rocky canyon.

The hike ends at Stanley Falls where you can see it tumbling into the impressive canyon below.

Stanley Falls framed by trees.

Other Jasper Day Hikes

There are so many more great hiking trails in Jasper National Park that are suitable for half or full-day hikes. Here are a few other day hikes in Jasper you may want to try:

  • Maligne Canyon
  • Whistlers Trail
  • Overlander Trail
  • Bald Hills
  • Opal Hills
  • Pyramid Bench (various connecting trails)
  • Dorothy, Christine, and Viril Lakes
  • Wabasso Lake
  • Lorraine and Mona Lakes
Trail with Athabasca Glacier in the background.

Tips for Hiking in Jasper National Park

Trail Conditions: Check Park Canada’s trail condition report before heading out on your hike. Some trails are in avalanche zones and are especially dangerous in the winter and spring. 

Road Access: Several of Jasper’s roads have seasonal closures, making some hikes inaccessible at certain times of the year. A few roads that aren’t open year-round are Miette Road, Cavell Road, Highway 93A, and Old Fort Point Road. Check the seasonal road closure dates here.

Jasper Hiking Trails Map: A Jasper day hiking guide with maps can be downloaded from the Parks Canada website here

Safety: All Jasper hikes are in bear country, even short trails and trails close to the townsite. Bring bear spray, make noise while hiking, and educate yourself on what to do if you encounter one.

  • Do not approach or feed wildlife.
  • Weather can change quickly in the mountains so come prepared with layers and rain gear.
  • If you use a hiking app, download your trail maps ahead of time since some areas of the park have weak cell service or none at all. The park’s official trails are generally well-signed and easy to follow.

Visitor Guidelines: Leave no trace by packing out your garbage. If there are no bins at the trailhead, or they are full, take your garbage home with you.

Trail on a hill with cloud covered mountains in the background.

Accommodations in Jasper National Park

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