Kayaking Lac Beauvert- Jasper National Park

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Lac Beauvert, or Beauvert Lake, is a popular lake in Jasper National Park for kayaking, canoeing, and stand up paddleboarding. Just a short distance from the town of Jasper, Lac Beauvert is easily accessible and has a boathouse with rentals available from the Jasper Park Lodge.

Canoes docked on Lac Beauvert with Pyramid Mountain in the background.

While kayaking Lac Beauvert you’ll get to enjoy views of some of Jasper’s most notable mountains including Whistlers Mountain, Pyramid Mountain, and Mount Edith Cavell. This small lake has clean, clear water with some gorgeous colours ranging from emerald green to various shades of cyan and blue.

Kayaking Lac Beauvert in Jasper National Park.

Kayaking Lac Beauvert in Jasper National Park

The best access point if you’re bringing your own kayak or canoe to Beauvert Lake is at the end of Old Fort Point Road. Here there’s a small parking lot just steps away from the lakeshore so you don’t need a cart to get your boat to the water.

There isn’t a dock or sandy beach to launch from, just a rocky shore. To make things easier, you’ll want to put in at the flattest spot with the least amount of rocks. A good place to launch is near the interpretive panel closest to the entrance of the parking lot.

Kayak on the shore of Lac Beauvert.

The water is so clear that you’ll be able to see the rocky lake bottom at the launch point. You’ll likely have to take a few steps into the water before getting into your boat, to avoid getting hung up on the rocks. Be careful because the rocks are slippery. The lake deepens quickly so you don’t have to walk far from shore.

Beauvert Lake with mountains in the background.

Once you’re on the water, a nice route is to follow the shoreline around the entire lake. To circumnavigate, expect to paddle approximately 3.7- 4 km, depending on how close you keep to the shore.

Kayak on Lac Beauvert pointing towards Pyramid Mountain.

Kayaking Lac Beauvert in a clockwise direction means you get to start your paddle with a view of Pyramid Mountain rising above the treetops.

Colourful water of Lac Beauvert and Pyramid Mountain.

As you glide along the forested shoreline you’ll be paddling beside the Lac Beauvert Trail. Trees conceal much of this busy walking path so the foot traffic is not a distraction.

Bench on the forested shoreline.
Beauvert Lake surrounded by trees and mountains.

The western edge of Beauvert Lake has wonderfully clear, emerald coloured water. Looking over the side of your boat you’ll see rocks and logs on the lake’s bottom, a common sight in this part of the lake.

Clear, emerald green water.
Clear, emerald green water with fallen trees on the bottom of the lake.

If you paddle further away from the shoreline the water becomes a deep blue. There’s also a nice view of a forested peninsula straight ahead and Whistlers Mountain behind you.

Deep blue water and forested peninsula.
Whistlers Mountain and Lac Beauvert.
Whistlers Mountain

As you get closer to the north end of Lac Beauvert the water starts to lose its colour. By the time you arrive at the lake’s outlet stream the water is incredibly clear.

Kayaking Lac Beauvert. Clear water shows sticks on the bottom of the shallow lake.
Kayaking on a shallow, clear water.

This narrow, sheltered part of the lake is shallow in places so you have to be careful not to hit any rocks with your boat or paddle. Luckily the clear, still water makes it easy to see and avoid natural hazards.

Clear, shallow water and rocks below a kayak.

Next up you’ll be paddling around the peninsula to the east side of Beauvert Lake, where the Jasper Park Lodge is. On the way there are great views of Pyramid Mountain, Whistlers Mountain, and Mount Edith Cavell.

Pyramid Mountain and Lac Beauvert.
Pyramid Mountain
Kayak paddling on Lac Beauvert in front of Whistlers Mountain.
Whistlers Mountain
Kayaking Lac Beauvert.

Rounding the peninsula, Jasper Park Lodge comes into view. Keeping to the edge of the lake, you’ll pass by some of the resort’s cabins and see more people milling about the shore.

Kayaking heading towards Jasper Park Lodge on Lac Beauvert.
Kayaking heading towards Jasper Park Lodge on Lac Beauvert.

Soon you’ll be paddling in front of the manicured lawn of the main lodge. Guests can be seen relaxing in colourful Adirondack chairs, socializing at picnic tables, and walking the lakeside path. This is another great place to admire Pyramid Mountain to the northwest.

Jasper Park Lodge and Lac Beauvert.
Pyramid Mountain and Lac Beauvert.

A little further up the shore you’ll come to the boathouse and its docks. If you happen to be passing by just before opening time you’ll likely see a long line of people waiting for rentals.

People lined up at the Jasper Park Lodge boathouse.
Line up for rentals at the boathouse

Beyond the boathouse you’ll paddle into another part of the lake that’s sheltered by a peninsula. Some of the lakeshore is forested and in other places you get a view of the golf course.

Kayak heading towards the golf course beside Lac Beauvert.
Kayaking Beauvert Lake with Pyramid Mountain and Jasper Park Lodge in the background.

After you leave the area by the lodge, paddle along the western side of the peninsula. Here there’s an unobstructed view of one of the fairways, and with that, plenty of golf balls at the bottom of the lake.

Wide view of Beauvert Lake.

Leaving behind the golf course, the lakeshore becomes treed once again and soon you’ll be back at the parking lot where you started this wonderful kayaking tour of Lac Beauvert.

Wide view of Lac Beauvert with a canoe on the rocky shore.

Review of Lac Beauvert Kayaking

Lac Beauvert is one of the best places to go kayaking in Jasper thanks to its beautiful colours, mountain views, and calm water. The lake is extra stunning on a sunny, windless day when the vibrant, glass-like surface reflects the surrounding trees and peaks.

Whistlers Mountain reflecting in Lac Beauvert.

Another nice thing about kayaking Lac Beauvert is that the water is so clear you can see the bottom of the lake, even in places where it’s deep. It feels like there’s always something interesting to look at, above and below the water in every direction.

Calm water surrounded by trees and mountains.

Lac Beauvert’s small size and sheltered waters make it a great choice for beginner paddlers, while its scenic location ensures that even experienced paddlers will have an enjoyable time out on the lake.

Kayaking Lac Beauvert.

Having rentals available onsite and an easy access location for those with their own boat makes Lac Beauvert the most convenient lake for kayaking near the Jasper townsite.

Double kayak paddling near the forested shore of Lac Beauvert with Pyramid Mountain in the background.

Tips for Kayaking Lac Beauvert

Location: Lac Beauvert is located less than 10 km east of the Jasper townsite in Jasper National Park.

Getting There: If you have your own boat, from downtown Jasper take Hazel Ave southeast to Old Fort Point Road then turn left. Cross the Athabasca River then Lac Beauvert will be at the end of Old Fort Point Road.

  • If renting a boat at the lake, from downtown Jasper head north on Connaught Drive then turn left onto Highway 16. At Maligne Lake Road turn right and cross the Athabasca River then turn right onto Old Lodge Road. Follow that to Jasper Park Lodge.

Best Time to Kayak Lac Beauvert: For the most peaceful paddle, kayak Lac Beauvert before the boathouse opens for the day or after it closes.

Launching Area: The best spot to launch from is beside the parking lot at the end of Old Fort Point Road (the Lac Beauvert Trailhead on Google Maps). There’s no beach or dock, just a narrow strip of rocky shore.

Lac Beauvert Boat Rentals: The boathouse at Lac Beauvert is run by Jasper Park Lodge and is open for rentals from 10:00 am- 6:00 pm (hours may vary due to weather).

  • Rentals available on a first come, first served basis include single and double kayaks, regular canoes and voyageur canoes, stand up paddleboards, and pedal boats. Prices start at $45/hr but vary depending on what you rent.
  • It’s best to confirm hours and prices directly with Jasper Park Lodge here, as they are subject to change.

Facilities: There is an outhouse at the parking lot/Lac Beauvert Trailhead at the end of Old Fort Point Road. The Jasper Park Lodge has a lounge and restaurant options.

Kayak on Lac Beauvert pointing towards Whistlers Mountain.

Accommodations in Jasper National Park

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