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Devil’s Thumb Hike- Lake Louise, Banff National Park

With so many Lake Louise hikes to choose from, Devil’s Thumb Trail stands out for its dramatic, sweeping views of turquoise lakes, creaking glaciers, and rocky mountain peaks. The Devil’s Thumb hike incorporates a scenic side trail with two of the most popular Lake Louise hikes to form one remarkable loop. The first segment of...

Vision Quest Hike- David Thompson Country

The Vision Quest hike near Nordegg is one of the best hikes in the area for taking in views of Abraham Lake and Mount Michener. Short on distance but big on elevation, with scenery that’s as bold as the hike itself, Vision Quest makes you earn each stunning scene as you traverse rocky terrain up...

Allstones Lake Hike- David Thompson Country

The Allstones Lake hike is a challenging trail in David Thompson Country, but the effort required to tackle its steady incline is rewarded with exquisite mountain scenery and panoramic views. Allstones Lake Trail showcases some of the best features of the Bighorn Backcountry, from forests to Rocky Mountain peaks, before arriving at a small campground...

Siffleur Falls Hike- David Thompson Country

The Siffleur Falls hike is one of the top hikes in David Thompson Country because it offers beautiful views for minimal effort. With a suspension bridge, two river crossings, a boardwalk passing over a pretty plain, a deep canyon, quiet forest, raging waterfall, and mountains all around, Siffleur Falls Trail has all the elements for...

Alberta Ski Resorts- The Best Ski Areas in the Rockies

With several great ski resorts in Alberta scattered throughout the Rocky Mountains, and one of the longest ski seasons in the world, there’s no doubt that Alberta is the perfect destination for a ski trip in the Canadian Rockies. Where to Go Skiing in Alberta- The Best Alberta Ski Resorts From world-class, sprawling mountain resorts...


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